Virus Delays Wetlands Project

The Coronavirus crisis has disrupted plans by the Earth Trust to create new wetlands and wildlife habitats at locations near the Thames.

The Trust says that it is committed to the project but in light of the current situation the project partners have decided to postpone further work until the early Summer of next year.

Working with the Church Farm Partnership and Hurst Meadow Trust, Earth Trust was successful in its planning application to create more wetlands along the Thames and river Thame.  The proposed wetlands will provide vital and healthy ecosystem services such as cleaner water and natural flood risk management.

The chief executive of the Trust Jane Manley said: “While in a normal year we could be confident in managing the River of Life Two project, our income and operations have been significantly impacted by the Covid-19 virus in an unprecedented way.”

“Postponing will allow time to review and recover from the immediate impacts of Covid-19 and look forward to the opportunities the slightly longer timescale allows.  We can then make sure that we’re in the best practical and financial position to deliver this locally and environmentally important project.”

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