Vision Zero Strategy Consultation

Oxfordshire County Council (OCC)’s Vision Zero strategy sets out its long-term ambitions for road safety in Oxfordshire.

Road collisions and injuries are on the increase across the county, and OCC wants to improve road safety for all road users.  It wants to hear the views of residents on the Draft Vision Zero Road Safety Strategy, a clear, long-term ambition for improving road safety in Oxfordshire.

The Vision Zero safe system approach has a simple premise: no human being should be killed or seriously injured as the result of a road collision; whichever mode of road transport you are using.

By adopting a Vision Zero approach, the aim is to ensure that our need to travel does not compromise the well-being of ourselves or others.

You can find out more and have your say on the OCC Let’s Talk website.  Your feedback will help OCC to understand if the strategy needs to change before it is finalised later this year.

The consultation is open until 10th March.

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One Response to Vision Zero Strategy Consultation

  1. Paul Hudson says:

    Whilst this is a laudable approach it will involve substantial expenditure. The Standlake community is trying to have safety measures implemented on the A415, but every idea we put forward is met by Dan Levy in the negative as “there is no money”, and yet he states on your website that £250000 has been allocated from reserves to identify the delivery. Leah Sharum, the founder of Vision Zero 4 years ago in California stated in January 2024 that “we are nowhere near it”. So how do OCC propose to fulfil this idea with “no money”?

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