Wittenham Clumps Archaeological Dig

An archaeological dig at Wittenham Clumps has uncovered the 1,800 year-old remains of a tiny Roman dog.

At just 20 cm (7.8 inches) tall at the shoulder, researchers say that the ancient pooch is one of the five smallest Roman dogs ever discovered in the UK, and that its unusually small size means it is likely to have been a much-loved pet.

The little dog, which is thought to have been female with bowed legs, would probably have had a similar stature to a dachshund, but been closer in size to a chihuahua.

The animal’s remains were unearthed during an archaeological dig at the Earth Trust by a team of archaeologists from DigVentures.  They discovered a large Roman villa, as well as the remains of an earlier Iron Age settlement.

Read the Earth Trust Press Release.

To celebrate the finds, Earth Trust will be hosting an Archaelogy Festival from Saturday 5th to Sunday 6th August.  For more information visit the Earth Trust website.

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