20mph Speed Limit Consultation

Oxfordshire County Council is seeking the views of residents on the proposal to introduce a 20mph speed limit throughout the village.

The proposals are being put forward following road safety concerns raised by the Parish Council and will see a reduction of the existing 30mph speed limit leading out to points on Didcot Road, Little Wittenham Road, and Long Wittenham Road.  The existing 30mph speed limits will remain on Sires Hill and partly on Long Wittenham Road.

Download the following consultation documents:

The details, and the opportunity to respond to the consultation are here:


The consultation is open until Friday 8th October 2021.

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11 Responses to 20mph Speed Limit Consultation

  1. Anne Beacham says:

    No one pays attention to the 30. Who or how will it be policed

  2. Ronald Carter says:

    20 MPH will never be achieved until Oxfordshire county council puts in a chicane the Didcot side of Saxons Heath turn, and then puts sleeping policemen all the way down Didcot road to the cross.

  3. Debra Steele says:

    What a joke. Not many cars stick to the 30 mph. It will never work & a camera is the only way forward.

  4. Ann Tomline says:

    Having seen how 20mph limits are ignored and never I forced I would object to Parish money being spent on putting a 20mph limit through the village. Spend money on enforcing the 30mph limit and heavy lorries coming through the village.

  5. Robert Calcutt says:

    I endorse the comments already made, and also add, that to expect drivers to decelerate/brake from 60 mph to 20 mph as a matter of routine is ridiculous. Every other 20 mph restriction that I have seen has a 30 mph preceding it.

    • Donna king says:

      drivers should be slowing down way before they enter 30 ph limit anyway!!!we want speed hump before entrance Saxons Heath so traffic hat to slow down,this is why majority of westfield and Saxons heath have signed the petition requesting this.

  6. J May says:

    I agree with all the above, in particular enforcement issues Having recently travelled through 20 mph zones, I am also very concerned at the amount of signage they have created, which only leads to stretches of road becoming very urbanized, with a sad impact on rural roads.

  7. Karl says:

    Speed limits don’t slow traffic. Cameras, speed humps and round abouts do.

    Waste of time, effort and money.

    In my opinion

  8. Chris Waites says:

    20mph limits don’t reduce median traffic speeds by much. However, they do reduce the very highest traffic speeds, e.g. people coming into the village at 50mph+ from Didcot as it means risking a ban versus risking a £100 fine.

    Even if the chances of enforcement are small, it’s been proven those exceeding the limit by the largest amount are deterred.

    Given the greatest concern around speeding seems to be by Saxons Heath a 20mph limit should make a noticeable improvement on drivers who only slow to 30mph for the first chicane.

  9. Sally Duff says:

    I urge everyone leaving comments for or against the proposal to fill in the survey by 8th October.

  10. Peter Greenland says:

    This 20mph speed limit I think is a very good idea and should be welcomed. It will definitely help draw attention to speeding through the village, and encourage drivers to go slower and more safely

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