Beware Rogue Traders

The Parish Council has been advised of cold calling in our area by traders offering tree surgery services for cash.  Trading Standards advise that, if you do get approached by someone who calls at your home without invitation, to ask them firmly but politely to leave.  However, be aware of diversionary tactics designed to throw you off-guard, such as to call on the premise of needing access to your property to carry out work already agreed with a neighbour.

It is always advised, as well, to seek written quotations for such work.  When agreeing contracts at your home, the law requires traders to provide a fourteen day cooling off period – set out in the form of a ‘cancellation  notice’ – which provides time in which you can think more carefully about what is being offered and not feel pressured into agreeing to it on the spot.  Legally required information also includes the business name and address, a description of the service being offered, and the price.

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