Community Hub Presentation

Residents who were unable to attend the village meeting on Thursday 3rd February at which Chris Brotherton of Thomas Homes presented his ideas for the Community Hub, may like to watch a video of the presentation (click bottom right for full screen):

Comments or suggestions about the Community Hub project can be sent to

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5 Responses to Community Hub Presentation

  1. Ruth McCreight says:

    An excellent presentation for those of if who missed the meeting.

  2. Emma Newman says:

    Thanks for posting this – we will definitely take a look.

  3. Mandy+Williams says:

    Thank you for the link, were there any discussions as to the plans for the redevelopment of the current school and the village hall?

    • Peter Rose says:

      Thanks for your enquiry
      The broad plans for these two sites are unchanged but there is no discussion yet about detail- we need to get the plans complete for the Didcot Road site before considering these other two sites

      Peter Rose

  4. Ann Tomline says:

    Like the new development so imaginative congratulations for producing something different

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