Didcot Road Zebra Crossing

Residents will have noticed that the zebra crossing on Didcot Road, which was installed several months ago, is still not operational and that there is a lot of temporary signage around the traffic calming build-out.

The Parish Council has been advised by Elivia – the developer of the new housing estate – that there have been problems with the installation of the electricity supply for the lighting on the Didcot Road and the beacons for the zebra crossing.

The council has been chasing Elivia regularly ever since the crossing was installed.  This is the latest information from the company’s construction manager on 13th February:

“We have been completely let down by SSE and the street lighting contractor in regard to the street light connection; we are continually chasing this.  OCC have stated that the signage must remain in place until such time as the lighting is completed.”

As soon as new information is received, it will be posted here.

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5 Responses to Didcot Road Zebra Crossing

  1. Donna Harrison says:

    The keep right sign on the chicane does not need to be there. It blocks vision and what purpose does it serve ?I contacted Highways who couldn’t even have the decency to reply .

  2. Debra Steele says:

    There are a couple of signs that have gone in the ditch and need taking out (just by the entrance to new development). The street lights have been wired up so just hope they are working soon. Seems pathetic to me!!!

  3. David Haylett says:

    So what has the failure to provide electricity at the crossing got to do with all the unnecessary, unsightly excessive signage at the chicane? I await an answer with interest!

    • Chris Waites says:

      Maybe they’ve seen how many times drivers managed to hit the bollards on the existing chicanes and thought the new ones needed extra protection.

  4. Stephen Brown says:

    Hi David, As far as I can recall the rules around traffic calming anticipate there will be adequate street lighting in place otherwise extra signs are required.
    Until then temporary signs and lights need to be put in for safety.
    The sooner SSE sort this out the better for everyone. Steve

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