Green Light for New River Crossing

The Parish Council has welcomed the decision by Oxfordshire County Council to sign up to a deal worth £218m for new road proposals including a river crossing linking Didcot and the Culham Science Centre.  The roads will help the Didcot area cope with new housing in the district.

Apart from the new link road running alongside the west of the Didcot-Oxford railway line, other schemes to help with new housing developments in the area have been approved.  They include a Didcot “science” bridge from the A4130 over the main line into the Didcot A power station site and widening the A4130 from the science bridge to the Milton Interchange.  Also approved is a bypass for Clifton Hampden.

For years Long Wittenham has been campaigning for a new river crossing.  The Parish Council says it will help stop traffic from the expanding Ladygrove estate using Long Wittenham, Clifton Hampden bridge and village as a short cut towards Oxford and the M40.

Clifton Hampden and Culham Parish Councils have opposed both the river-crossing road and bypass because they believe they are “roads to nowhere” and will generate more lorry traffic into the already congested Golden Balls roundabout.

The new road projects will be funded from a £234m budget.  Most of the money will come from the £218m government-backed Housing Infrastructure Fund provided by Homes England and the rest from house developers.  Infrastructure includes, roads, bridges, water, energy and communications.

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3 Responses to Green Light for New River Crossing

  1. Elizabeth Nightingale says:

    Delighted to read this.

  2. Ruth McCreight says:

    The sooner the better, good news.

  3. Debra Steele says:

    Excellent news. Lets hope this is started asap. The traffic in the surrounding villages, Clifton Hampden, Long Wittenham, Sutton Courtenay, Culham etc is at breaking point.

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