Support for 20mph Speed Limits

On an intiative by our County Councillor, Dr Pete Sudbury, the County Council has passed a motion to support 20mph limits in built-up areas across the county.

Speaking at last week’s Parish Council meeting Dr Sudbury said: “This should mean that parish, town and city councils will be supported in reducing speed limits where requested by local residents.  Where funding from any sources is available, speed reduction schemes will be supported to put in speed calming measures.”

Dr Sudbury said that he will now try to streamline the implementation process for villages such as Long Wittenham.

The Parish Council has also pleadged support for 20’s Plenty for Oxfordshire, a county-wide campaign for 20mph mandatory speed limits where pedestrians and cyclists mix with vehicles.  The campaign already has the support of more than thirty villages, towns and local communities.

20’s Plenty for Oxfordshire is part of a national 20’s Plenty for Us campaign.

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5 Responses to Support for 20mph Speed Limits

  1. Deborah Tree says:

    I would be very much in favour of this for Long Wittenham considering the speed of cars coming through

  2. Robert Calcutt says:

    Let’s assume that Long Wittenham has a 20mph speed limit – apart from signage, what is going to change? The 30mph speed limit is not enforced, so what assurances will be given that a 20mph limit will be enforced?

  3. June Eastwood says:

    This is already in place for the majority of Great Western Park, Didcot, and is neither observed or enforced. Sadly a sign will make little difference to those drivers determined to reach their coffins more quickly, or put some other unlucky child/cyclist/pedestrian there instead. Unless these limits are enforced, possibly by PCO’s, no amount of signs will deter the arrogant.

  4. Steve Rees says:

    Safety in the village would be much improved by parking restrictions between the two chicanes at school drop off and pickup times. I have seen quite a lot of aggressive driving clearly as a result of frustration.
    Parents travelling from far afield obviously need somewhere to park, maybe the Plough might be interested in opening up their car park and selling permits for a nominal fee.

  5. Chris Waites says:

    RoSPAs review of 20mph limits found that although median traffic speeds don’t decrease much in 20mph zones, it does reduce the speed of those exceeding the limit by the largest amount.

    This is not least due to the penalties. At the moment someone driving into the village at 49mph would only get a £100 fine and three points. With a 20mph limit 35mph and over and they’re off to court.

    In theory a 20mph limit should reduce the number of people entering the village at 50mph+, because if the police ever do any enforcement then they will be banned rather than get a slap on the wrist.

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