Village Meeting to View Community Hub Final Plans

All residents are invited to a meeting in the Village Hall on Wednesday 22nd March at 7:30pm.

Thomas Homes, the developer for the Community Hub, will present the final plans for the new village hall, school, pre-school and houses prior to submitting a planning application.

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2 Responses to Village Meeting to View Community Hub Final Plans

  1. Richard May says:

    This is very good news that a planning application is at last going to be submitted.
    For the benefit of people in the village who would like to attend the meeting, but are unable to do so, please can the plans be uploaded to the website – as those currently available are now over 1 year old (Feb 2022).

  2. Peter Rose says:

    Richard we will certainly ask Thomas Homes if this is possible, but it will depend on their response! Sorry I cannot be more specific at this time

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