200 Club Winners

The Long Wittenham 200 Club is pleased to announce the winners in June and July.

June 2017

The £50 prize goes to:
198    K. Whitehead

£10 each goes to:
120    R. & B. Edwards
86      M. & S. Duff
19      A. Ainsley
54      J. Peckham & J. Davies

July 2017  

£10 each goes to:
34     D. & D. Emerson
66     E. Sawyers
66     E. Sawyers
41     A. Thomas

Profits from the 200 Club go towards the maintenance and improvement of the Village Hall.  There are cash prizes through the year: £10 per week for 48 weeks, £50 in June and December and £100 in September and March.  The draw is made monthly.

Subscription is £12 for a full year April to March, pro-rata for the remaining months.

If you would like to participate in the 200 club, please email 200club@longwittenham.com

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