Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Below are details of the forthcoming referendum for the Neighbourhood Development Plan and a summary of the Plan itself.  It is purely factual as the Parish Council is not allowed to campaign during the run up to the election.

The Referendum

The referendum date for the Neighbourhood Development Plan is Thursday 7th September 2017.  It is run by South Oxfordshire District Council along the same lines as any local government election.  Anyone registered to vote in a local election is eligible to vote.  Proxy and postal votes are available for those not able to vote in person. Forms are available from:

Long Wittenham Parish Council is encouraging everyone to make the time to vote.  The more people who vote the more certainty that the result really reflects the views of ALL residents.

Last day to apply for a proxy vote is 25th August 2017 and postal vote is 22nd August 2017.

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

A Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is a document developed by a local community to enable that community to have more certainty about housing and other developments in its area.  The plan must be approved by the local authority to ensure that it does not contradict local and national planning policies and also by an independent examiner.  Once approved by the local authority, the plan goes to referendum voted by all residents.  If the plan gets a 51% majority in favour (of those voting), the plan is ‘made’.  The local authority must then take into account the contents of the NDP when considering any planning application in the area covered by the NDP.

Long Wittenham’s Neighbourhood Development Plan

Our NDP has been developed over the last three years by a steering committee appointed by the Parish Council, and regular public meetings.  The plan has been approved by all the official bodies and is now ready to be put to a referendum involving all residents registered to vote.  The NP contains the following policies:

  • A desire to build a ‘community hub’ including a new school, pre-school, village hall, outside play areas and parking
  • Approximately 40-50 new houses which will fund the new community facilities.  This development will include smaller houses and flats as indicated in the recent village survey
  • A list of other desirable community projects including road improvements, footpaths and recreation facilities
  • A design brief for any houses to ensure that they conserve and enhance the current character of the village and protect current views where possible
  • A policy to ensure any new development has sufficient off-road parking
  • A policy to ensure protection of the ecologically sensitive site on the south of Fieldside

More details of the Plan are available on the Neighbourhood Development Plan page and any queries can be sent using the “Leave a comment” option below this post.

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