Annual Parish Assembly – Cancelled

In view of the likely announcement by the Government of further measures to combat the spread of Coronavirus, tonight’s Annual Parish Assembly has been cancelled.

It is hoped that it will be re-scheduled later in the year when the current crisis has passed.

For more information, contact the Parish Clerk at

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3 Responses to Annual Parish Assembly – Cancelled

  1. Debra Steele says:

    I cannot attend tonight but would like to know what road works will be taking place on the Didcot Road. We have traffic lights close to our house.
    Does anyone know??


    • Chris says:

      They are putting in the new zebra crossing and entrance for the new homes off Fieldside.

      I know there has been s0me controversy about it but I can’t wait. Trying to get the kids to the playground at Bodkins you either have to cross at the blind corner here, or the blind corner at the east end of the village, both with vehicles travelling at inappropriate speeds. Twice moronic drivers have swerved around us rather than wait 10 seconds for us to cross the road. It will be great to have one safe crossing in the village at last. Presumably it will slow traffic as well and reduce people cutting the corner by the cross which is a bonus.

  2. Steve Brown says:

    Dear All I have looked at the OFFICIAL reason for the temporary traffic lights at Fieldside. is a link to the map of all roadworks in the area. Each site has a brief description.

    This work is for the new water pipe to the new house being built where the old tin barn used to be.

    The work for the Zebra has still to be agreed by OCC.

    Steve Brown Parish Cllr.

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