Athletics Club Events

Long Wittenham Athletics Club is looking forward to the Summer and the easing of Covid restrictions with several events planned for the village at Bodkins Field.

On 1st May there will be a nine-a-side football tournament with a beer and cider festival.

On 19th June the annual rounders tournament will be staged and the club will be seeking village teams to take part in the competition.  Anyone can enter a team of eight consisting of four men or boys and four woman or girls.

And on 7th August the club rounds off the year with a music festival which will include two live bands, one of which is from the village.

More details about the events are available from Steve Bolton, the club’s events and social secretary, at

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2 Responses to Athletics Club Events

  1. Debra Steele says:

    How lovely to hear something going on in the village. Can non members attend?


    • Steve Bolton says:

      Of course non members can attend all three events
      More details of live music will be available soon
      Beer festival opens 11:00am all afternoon early evening
      Rounders starts 11:00 and again till early evening and we are looking for people to enter sides

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