Pump Track at Acklings

Plans are well in hand to build a ‘Pump Track’ at the Acklings play area.  A pump track is a circuit of bumps and banked turns for riding around on a bike.

It is designed to accommodate all ages: older riders enjoy practising tricks on the hills, while younger children can run up and down the hills or go over them on their balance bikes.

A similar track was built at South Moreton five years ago (see the photograph below).  The designer and builder of that track, Will Brown, who used to live in Long Wittenham, has offered his expertise.  The community project has an enthusiastic team of volunteers, led by Catherine Harrison and Cllr Steve Brown.

The L-shaped track will occupy the south-west corner of Acklings.  Vanderbilt Homes, the company building the housing estate off Fieldside, has offered to donate and deliver topsoil for the project from the development.  It is estimated that the track will cost in the region of £2,500 and a team is busy raising funds.  The Parish Council has offered financial support.

It is hoped that the track will be completed by the early Summer.

For more information contact Catherine Harrison at crmharrison@me.com.

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