Bodkins Playground

Visitors to Bodkins Playground will notice some minor changes to some of the equipment.

The Parish Council arranges for RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) to carry out an inspection of the equipment at the three main play areas in the village each year.

This year’s inspection was carried out recently and the inspector was not happy with the roller beam structure owing to rot in the supporting posts.  As it is little used, the council decided to remove the structure with a view to installing something new in its place next year.

Following comments from residents, a net has been installed under the rope bridge on the slide structure to make it safer for younger children and a rail has been added above the slide to prevent children falling over the edge.

Repairs to the rocky spring seat will be carried out as soon as possible.  One of sides is a little wobbly due to damage to the support.

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