Manor Railway Bridge Didcot

The Parish Council has been asked to advise residents that Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) will be carrying out extensive refurbishment work on Manor Railway Bridge (A4130) in Didcot.

The proposed work includes repairs to the concrete bridge deck, installation of new waterproofing to the bridge deck and resurfacing of the carriageway.

The works are expected to take five to six weeks, starting on Monday 23rd October.  During this period, a full road closure will be in place.  It is expected that this will cause significant traffic delays in the Didcot area.

See the details from the One.Network website below.

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2 Responses to Manor Railway Bridge Didcot

  1. Jane May says:

    South Oxfordshire: Motto -“You can’t get there from here”.

  2. Chris Waites says:

    Any other country would have people working 24/7 and have it done within a week.

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