Didcot Road 19th April

The Parish Council has been advised by Vanderbilt Homes that road works will take place on Didcot Road starting on Monday 19th April for a period of two weeks.  See the notice below from Peter Hutson, Vanderbilt’s Head of Construction:

Please be advised that contractors working on behalf of Vanderbilt Homes have applied for and received licenses from OCC to complete two elements of road works, to commence on Monday 19th April.

Foul sewer connection
The foul sewer connection for the development joins the existing main at the junction of Fieldside and Didcot Road.  To complete these works a traffic control system including traffic lights will be required.  This will be installed on Monday 19th April and will remain in place for a period of two weeks.

Development access road
The new road connection for the development will be completed during a two week window commencing on Monday 19th April.  The point of connection to Didcot Road will already be visible to those passing the development.  The bulk of the work required will be completed from within the development.  There will however, be a requirement to install traffic management during the period that the tarmac connection is made.

Both elements of work are essential to the development and can not be avoided.  It is planned now due to planning requirements and will also mean that future works on site can go ahead causing less disruption to the wider area.  It will also allow us to completely close our access through Fieldside that I know will be welcomed by our neighbours using the track and living there.

We appreciate your understanding whilst this work is completed.

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3 Responses to Didcot Road 19th April

  1. Chris Waites says:

    Good news, although we will miss all the workers who have been lovely and chatty when walking back from school. Plus my daughter on a bike is very grateful for all the filled potholes.

  2. Anne Byard says:

    I have been told that there are plans to install a roundabout and move the Didcot Road so as to remove the nature strip (grassed area) in front of homes along Didcot Road. Is this correct? I wrote opposing the lack of communication between parties but have not yet heard the outcome.

    • Gordon Rogers says:

      Regarding your comment about the Vanderbilt development off Fieldside. The proposal to build a roundabout opposite the entrance to Saxons Heath is a long-term plan connected to the parish council’s proposals for developing the village Hub – new school, village hall and about 40 new homes.

      An archaeological survey is currently underway to see if there are any Roman remains and we should get a report by May or June. If there is nothing of major significance then the council hopes to put the revised Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) to a public referendum later this year. You may re-call that there was a referendum on the project over two years ago which received support from villagers.

      Regarding your point about Didcot Road, there were plans to re-align Didcot Road near a new entrance to the Vanderbilt development about. The parish council opposed the idea because of the disruption it would cause to traffic. It would have meant digging up and re-positioning services such as gas, electricity, water and internet cabling. It looks as if this will be avoided following talks between Vanderbilt, the county council and the owner of the land but we are still awaiting confirmation.

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