Didcot Road Traffic Calming

Elivia Homes (formerly Vanderbilt) has advised the Parish Council that the work to re-instate the traffic calming build out on Didcot Road will start on Monday 27th June.  It is scheduled to take five days finishing on Friday 1st July.  The work will be done under traffic lights control during the day.

The rest of the road work for the housing development, which includes tarmac work and white lining, will run from Tuesday 19th July to Thursday 21st of July.  All this work will be done overnight and will involve a full road closure from 9pm to 5am.

All these dates have been confirmed by Oxfordshire County Council Highways Department.

Elivia apologises for any inconvenience and thanks residents for bearing with it over what has been an exhausting process.

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15 Responses to Didcot Road Traffic Calming

  1. Richard May says:

    Does this include works for the new pedestrian crossing? If not, when can we expect this much-needed crossing to be installed and operational?

  2. Debra+Steele says:

    Does anyone know what the traffic calming measures are??

  3. Stephen+Brown says:

    The traffic calming includes the humped zebra crossing and a narrowing to the same design as those in the High Street. When the traffic calming has been done the road is due to be resurfaced.
    These plans were consulted on by OCC and the OCC Cabinet Member for Highways has decided what should be built.

    • Debra Steele says:

      Hi Steve,

      Will there be a chicane by Saxons Heath? I do hope there is as the speed is pathetic. Thanks.

    • Donna Harrison says:

      Just hope they don’t speed up and overtake by the turning to Saxons Heath as they do regularly at he moment since it changed to 20 unfortunately,hope they get this issue sorted out !!feel common sense is something OCC highways lack and that’s the polite statement.

  4. Stephen+Brown says:

    The new road narrowing will be approx 60m from the Saxons Heath Junction. This is one of the rules in the design code for traffic calming.

    The PC is also pushing for further traffic calming at the beginning of the 20 zone or at Saxons Heath junction itself.

  5. Chris Waites says:

    Need to put something in at the start of the 20mph speed limit on Didcot Road ASAP and/or the police need to pull their fingers out and do a few speed checks.

    Only a matter of time until someone gets rear ended there by some moron still driving at 60mph. As it is there are enough drivers who show their displeasure by driving a few centimetres away from your bumper.

    I don’t really get why the police have decided they can ignore some crimes. I would have thought if the Parish Council reports to them that criminal offences are taking place, they would need to respond and investigate it rather than make excuses.

  6. Chris Banks says:

    So today is the 27th and there is no sign of the work starting! !

  7. Felicity Cowdrey says:

    Please Can we see a diagram of exactly where this traffic calming measure will be.

  8. Nicola Hall says:

    I can’t see the luminescent bollard/lane markers as per the plans – just two empty spaces where two, cheap. black-plastic posts were positioned instead. Subsequently the virtually-invisible-at-night posts have apparently been repeatedly run over by one motorist after another. The brightly reflective road bollards – for which approval appears to have been given – are hazardously absent and make ‘reading’ the traffic calming more challenging than it should be in this unlit road.

    • Admin says:

      The Parish Council has asked OCC to replace all the bollards in the village with white reflective ones. They have been ordered and will be installed when available.

      • Nicola Hall says:

        This is good news and will hopefully prevent further accidents to cars of speed-aware non-locals for whom the road layout is currently insufficiently lit – and with warning advice signs being positioned too close to the right of way change. I will be sending my cracked bumper repair costs to OCC.

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