Dog Club Update

Many people have helped make the Long Wittenham Dog Club a success, including the organisers, and all those people who have attended one or more of the club sessions.  Membership currently stands at around forty.

Since it started back in May, it has held seven organised dog walks, in places including Abingdon, Watlington hill, Warborough, Boars Hill, the Ridgeway, and Cholsey, all of which have been well attended.  Thanks to those who volunteered to lead those walks, and the upcoming ones planned for Ipsden, and Brightwell, and indeed beyond.

Thanks too, to one of the members, who suggested Saturday morning meet ups in the meadow.  These have proved a great success since they started a few weeks ago and have been very well attended.   At the last one, one of the group agreed to run an informal training session – and around seven or eight people joined in.  Since then, two other informal, but experienced trainers have joined in, so while an optional training session cannot be guaranteed every Saturday morning, the chances of one trainer attending are probably high enough to make these sessions reliable – as well as interesting, useful and fun for dogs and owners alike.

The club welcomes new members.  Owning a dog is not a prerequisite, but anyone who brings a dog to any of the sessions must be fully responsible for it.  For all queries, please email David Corney at

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