Dog Fouling

The Parish Council has had reports of dog poo left at Bodkins Playground on at least two occasions.

Dog owners should always clear up after their dogs, but it is particularly inconsiderate to allow dogs to foul playgrounds as it is dangerous to children.

Please scoop that poop into a bag and put it in one of the numerous litter bins around the village, all of which can be used.  If a public bin is full, please take the waste home and dispose of it in your own bin.

Residents can report dog fouling on the South Oxfordshire District Council website.

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2 Responses to Dog Fouling

  1. Julie Carberry says:

    Today there is dog poo on the path by the village hall. We also have the problem in the pub garden. They walk down to the river and let their dogs foul and don’t pick it up. It’s disgusting

  2. Chris Waites says:

    Why we stopped going to Bodkins. More than half the time there was dog poo around the playground equipment. No idea why it isn’t fenced off like in every other village. Must be unpleasant for those using the football pitches as well which presumably have the same problem.

    Maybe the Parish Council should be asking whether it is sensible to allow dogs onto Bodkins bearing in mind there are clearly a number of irresponsible dog owners using it. Same problem as the Earth Trust had which lead them to closing footpaths due to dog fouling.

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