Telephones in Power Cuts

Residents may be aware that phone providers are in the process of switching their landline phones over to a system that uses the Internet; indeed some providers have already done so.

However, in the event of a power cut, the Internet will not work and users are being encouraged by their providers to use alternative means of communication such as their mobile phone.  Given the variable and unreliable nature of the mobile signal in Long Wittenham, residents, and particularly those who are vulnerable, are encouraged to contact their provider and seek alternative provision, which may include battery backup.

Vulnerable residents are also reminded that they may wish to sign up for the Scottish and Southern Electricity Network Priority Services, which will mean they are sent automatic text messages with updates during any power cuts.

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2 Responses to Telephones in Power Cuts

  1. Ann Tomline says:

    Sensible advice thank you . I believe we are just being told what is happening with no consultation. Some don’t have mobiles what do they do ?

  2. Liz Yuille says:

    Hi Ann, all we currently know is that before the switch over happens, individual providers are required by Offcom to ensure you are able to make calls in the event of a power cut. It appears there will be different solutions depending on individual needs.

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