Emergency Plan

The Parish Council is in the process of revising the village’s Emergency Plan, which would come into effect if there was a serious incident that could endanger the community.

The types of potential emergency risks include:

Flu pandemic
Major transport accident (road, air)
Pollution/chemical release from transport accident
Incident at Culham Science Centre
Total or partial loss of main services – Electricity, Gas, Water
Explosion / Major Fire / Gas leak
Building collapse
Severe weather / storm damage

The two most likely scenarios that the council believes the community should be prepared for, are severe flooding and the village being cut off by snow.

The council needs your assistance.  There is equipment that might be needed, as well as skills and trades.

4×4 vehicles (especially with snorkel exhausts so that they could drive through deep water)
Boats (please specify)
Portable Generators
Chain Saws (ideally not electric!)

Skills or trades:
Medical Training
Veterinary Training
Members of the Emergency Services, including volunteers
Anyone who would be happy to be involved in general duties e.g making hot drinks, running errands, etc.

The plan is being co-ordinated by Cllr Liz Yuille, so if you can provide any of these, or know of someone who could, please email liz.yuille@longwittenham.com or call 01865 407110.

The plan will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that it is up to date.  Consent to having contact details in the Emergency Plan document will be required.

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