New Warning Signs for Cyclepath

The Parish Council has erected new warning signs on the Long Wittenham to Didcot cyclepath urging cyclist to be aware of horses.  The signs are sited at the entrance to the path at Acklings at the west end of the village and at the junction with the Appleford Road.

The cyclepath, which is part of the National Cycle Network, is widely used by cyclists, walkers and horse riders for recreation and access to Didcot for the railway station and shops.  The decision to put up the signs follows incidents involving cyclists and horse riders.

The photograph below shows the new sign at the Appleford Road crossing.

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4 Responses to New Warning Signs for Cyclepath

  1. Karon Whenmouth says:


  2. Jacqueline Armstrong says:

    Hello to all Does this mean we all have right of way over bridleways, walkers, cyclists, and riders ? Will there be signs to notify everyone of this. I always thought that cyclepath,s were set up so that cyclist,s were made safer and at less risk by riding on our country roads that do not even have a pathways. I find horses frightening when on a confined pathway when walking with children especially when they are not under proper control which in our experience has often been the case. In my opinion i think allowing horses on cyclepath,s with children , walkers, and cyclist and dog walkers a recipe for a disaster

  3. Jane May says:

    If I might give some background information, as I was on the Parish Council at the time the County Council & Sustrans were given a one-off grant to make the pre-existing bridle way usable also for pedestrians & cycles. The Britis Horse Society agreed to a permissive use, or “lien” for walkers & cyclists over the bridle way. Thus horses at all times have priority, but the route is also open to considerate use by cyclists & pedestrians. Hope this clarifies.

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