Northfield Lane repairs

The council is to seek quotes for repairs to a section of the lane from the junction with the main road to the stables. It is badly pot-holed in many places, making it difficult for users. Any repairs would need to be paid for by residents and landowners adjoining the lane, which would include the council as we own Bodkin s recreation field.

The council also wants a meeting with Thames Water to investigate whether the company that operates the sewage works off Northfield Lane has a legal requirement towards the cost of maintaining the lane. A long section of the lane from the stables to Northfield Farm was re-surfaced last year, paid for my landowners.

And landowners along Northfield Lane are being asked to sign declaration 31(6) to grant permissive bridleway access. At a special meeting earlier this year all parties agreed to a change in the legal status from a footpath to a bridleway allowing pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders to use the lane.

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