Traffic Calming

Changes to Long Wittenham s traffic calming measures in the High Street are in the melting pot but they might prove too expensive.

Speaking at the council’s September meeting county highways engineer Keith Stenning said the council needed to have a clear objective: to reduce traffic speeds or increase flows. He outlined various options to achieve both.

Council chairman Tom Bowtell said a survey taken last year showed that most villagers wanted the chicanes removed but did not want that to lead to an increase in speeding traffic.

Mr Stenning said re-engineering the current measures would involve the closure of the High Street for several days. Villagers would need to be consulted about any proposed changes.

But a major stumbling block to any changes to the measures might be the cost as the county council continues to cut spending in all departments.

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4 Responses to Traffic Calming

  1. Julie Carberry says:

    Agreed, we do need to have traffic calming measures in the village but for those who live on top of the speed humps like we do we would very much like there to be an alternative to the humps. Our lovely old cottage shudders, shakes and creaks at every large vehicle or speeding car driving over the hump. If we have to have them could they be moved or adjusted so that traffic doesn’t shake the life out of our lovely old houses.

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