Overhanging Hedges and Trees

Last year, the Parish Council wrote to several residents around the village because it had received complaints about overgrown hedges or trees making it difficult or even unsafe to use our footways (pavements) or roads.

In the main those residents were very responsive and did cut back as necessary to ensure the immediate problems were resolved.

However, hedges need to be cut back well behind the edge of the footway so that new growth will not immediately start to restrict use again in the Spring, and trees should not overhang the roadway if they restrict vehicle access.

While hedges and trees are dormant and before the birds start to look for nesting sites, this is a good time to carry out work of this kind.

The council would be very grateful if, where hedges or trees are close to, or still overhanging the tarmac path or road, they are cut further back to ensure that new growth doesn’t become a new problem.

If you need help and advice on carrying out this work, the council can put you in touch with local handy men or gardeners who might be able to help.  Contact the Parish Clerk at clerk@longwittenham.com.

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