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Catherine Harrison, Chair of the Governors of Long Wittenham Primary School, writes …

The school has a weekly newsletter.  This week’s gives you a lovely insight into the range of activities the children are up to so I wanted to share it with you:

What a busy week it’s been here at Long Wittenham School!  Here’s a glimpse into what’s been happening:

Running Club: Our first-ever running club session on Monday was an absolute blast!  It was heart-warming to see so many enthusiastic runners having a great time.  A huge thank you to Yiannis Michellis for volunteering and enabling this to happen.

Musical Marvels: Eagles Class visited Didcot Girls School on Wednesday to witness an orchestra performance.  The talent on display left them truly inspired.  It’s moments like these that enrich our students’ cultural experiences and broaden their horizons.

Easter Puppet Fun: Parrots Class was buzzing with creativity as volunteers from both our school and the wider community dropped by to help the class create some fantastic Easter hand puppets.  A big thank you to our amazing PTA for providing the kits that made this craft session possible!

Spiritual Reflections: We were delighted to welcome Rev. Jo Allen back for another uplifting act of worship this week.  The addition of balloons with hidden messages added an extra layer of joy and contemplation to the experience.  And speaking of engaging storytelling, our Open the Book volunteers treated us to a captivating rendition of “The Widow’s Coins,” complete with comedic puppetry that had our children fully immersed in the story.

Scientific Wonders: The week concluded on a high note with Mark Warren leading an enthralling scientific workshop for Penguins Class.  From exploring different types of waves to the sheer delight of levitating water, it was a hands-on learning experience that sparked curiosity and excitement in our young scientists.

We’re incredibly grateful for the dedication and support of our volunteers, parents and community members who help make these enriching experiences possible for our students.  Together, we’re creating a vibrant learning environment where every child can thrive.

You can download the full newsletter here.

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  1. Ann Tomline says:

    Great to see so many activities happening which would not happen without dedicated care and energy from people willing to give up their time.
    A big thank you to them all

  2. Congratulations on a Comprehensive and Educational School Newsletter to all involved in the preparation.

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