Road to Clifton Hampden Closed

Further to yesterday’s post about flooding on the road to Clifton Hampden, the road has now been closed.

The Met Office has issued a weather warning for rain across southern England, including the whole of Oxfordshire, over the next few days.

There is information about flood warnings and flood alerts on the Oxfordshire County Council news website.

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11 Responses to Road to Clifton Hampden Closed

  1. Susan Whidborne says:

    At Sires Hill turn it just has a Road Closed sign. If we had a sign which said Bridge. Closed – Flooding drivers would be better informed and we’d get fewer ‘chancers’ who aren’t really clear about what’s closed and why.

  2. Jane May says:

    Just informed Culham Bridge is also now closed- this from our Sainsburys driver. Can anyone verify? Waze still seems to think they are both open.

    • Liz Yuille says:

      Jane, I can confirm that Culham Bridge is closed. There is also flooding between Sutton Courtney and Drayton, and in a lot of other places. The water levels appear to be rising still. I have just been to Abingdon and back and what was passable at 9.30 is less so now.

  3. Chris Waites says:

    Road is passable with care – drove through there this afternoon and this evening. The closure is only really necessary to prevent the usual idiots in Mercedes and BMWs tanking through at 60mph and blocking the road.

    Suspect the people building the boathouse will have a job cleaning up the film of sewage coating all their hard work once flood waters recede though.

  4. Richard May says:

    For those who value their cars and especially those with DIESEL engines you should be aware of the following:
    1. You are breaking the law, as the road has been officially closed by OCC Highways.
    2. Because of the above any damage you sustain is NOT covered by your car insurance.
    3. If your air intake on a diesel-powered car is below the water then the effect on a fast running engine will be to cause serious (often unrepairable) damage often requiring a new engine!
    So go through at your peril!

    • Chris Waites says:

      Road Closed signs are advisory unless there is a TTRO in place (which aren’t obtained for flooded roads).

      You are right that it is inadvisable to do so unless you have a capable car. But this is the countryside and lots of people have cars that can drive through floods. You just need to be careful not to hit the floating BMW in the middle. It is definitely NOT a good idea to drive a BMW through at the moment.

      • Jim Brown says:

        I don’t think this is 100% correct as the Road Traffic Act 1960 enables a highway authority to close a road owing to the likelihood of danger to the public, and enables a constable to prohibit vehicular traffic to prevent danger in extraordinary circumstances.

        Thames Valley Police have said:

        “Please respect the signs, especially when they say ‘ROAD CLOSED’. That doesn’t mean you can edge around, or chance it.”

        NB. Today I waded through the waters and watched a car make it through, however water was pouring out when they reached the other side. I’m sure he severely regretted trying.

  5. Sandie Pateman says:


  6. Mori says:

    Hi, is the road passable as far as Barley Mow? I need to go to the GP surgery, thought maybe to park at car park and walk to the surgery!

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