Road to Clifton Hampden Flooded

The Parish Council has been advised that the road to Clifton Hampden is flooded.  This is due to very heavy rain over the last week or two which has led to high river levels in Oxfordshire.

Motorists are advised not to attempt to drive through floodwater as they run the risk of becoming stranded.

There is more advice and information on the OCC website.

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4 Responses to Road to Clifton Hampden Flooded

  1. Jeremy Goff says:

    It would be extremely useful to have daily updates on when this road is reopened.
    The link to the OCC website provides no information, apart from general risks.

    • Jim says:

      Here are two suggestions for you to get live(ish) updates:

      1. Bing Maps has a [traffic] button which currently shows the road as closed (whereas Google Maps doesn’t yet), although I don’t know how often it gets updated.

      2. Use Waze for directions as it is the most frequently updated app and will automatically direct you around the floods. I know because I report them and the road closures!

  2. Jane May says:

    All the usual half-wits still driving through, sadly the road closed sign was originally put on the Little Wittenham road, but now a proper barrier in place as opposed to the bit of hazard warning tape.

  3. Jane May says:

    One of said halfwits has now broken down across the road outside Lower Farm, blocking it completely…

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