Sharp Bend Poses Safety Risk

Oxfordshire County Council is to be asked to carry out a road safety audit on the junction of Didcot Road and High Street near The Cross in Long Wittenham.

Speaking at the parish council’s December meeting Chris Waites who lives in the High Street said the sharp bend was dangerous for cyclists travelling from the Clifton Hampden direction and turning right.

He said: “The white road hatching is fading and some vehicles coming from the Didcot direction cut the corner.  It’s a blind bend and very dangerous for cyclists.  It’s only a matter of time before a cyclist is injured in a collision.”

White hatching on the curve was put in three years ago to raise the awareness of drivers to the sharp bend.  Councillors agreed that the junction posed a risk to cyclists wanting to turn right.

It was decided to ask the county council’s Highways Department to conduct a safety audit and propose measures on how to improve safety. However, with the county council’s budget under strain from reduced government grants, the parish council – which itself has a limited budget – cautioned against raised expectations.

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