Speed Survey Results

The Parish Council has received the results of the speed survey it recently commissioned on the High Street outside The Plough Inn – see below.

The survey ran from Thursday 9th to Friday 17th November and data was collected on vehicles travelling in both directions outside the pub. The “85%ile Speed” refers to the speed at or below which 85% of vehicles were travelling.

The 85%ile combined with the mean speeds are used by Police and Road Safety experts as the critical speed for further action.  In a 20mph zone like the High Street, action would only be warranted if the mean and the 85%ile significantly exceed 25mph.  Above this figure the Police would consider further enforcement and OCC may just consider additional traffic calming measures.

The results of the survey do not indicate further action, however our Community Speedwatch team will continue to monitor this road and report any vehicles measured with excessive speeds.

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3 Responses to Speed Survey Results

  1. David Haylett says:

    As I wait to turn out of Saxon’s Heath I would be surprised if the majority of vehicles approaching from Didcot have slowed down to anything approaching 30mph let alone 20mph. I think the chicane is in the wrong place. As I drive from Drayton to Sutton Courtenay there is a new chicane at the entrance to the Sutton village by the speed limit sign. That is where ours should be.

  2. Donna Harrison says:

    Thank you so much for this comment this is what we all asked for in the first place to be totally ignored by OCC ,the chicane is to near Saxons heath so many times we haven’t been able to turn in because vehicles have blocked the keep clear sign ,should have been a width wide hump ‘and the traffic in the mornings and afternoons do not stick to the speed limit .

  3. Ann Tomline says:

    I personally think the chicanes are just an eye sore and cause congestion. Two humps would make one slow down and be less intrusive on the village landscape. We are beginning to look like a suburb of Cowley covered with signs which I am sure hardly anyone reads not a rural village which I would like to think to a degree we still are!!!

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