Speed Survey Results

The Parish Council has received the results of the speed survey it recently commissioned at the eastern end of the High Street near the post box.

The survey ran from Sunday 3rd to Thursday 14th March and data was collected on vehicles travelling in both directions.  The “85%ile Speed” in the data refers to the speed at or below which 85% of vehicles were travelling.

Download the survey results.

The 85%ile combined with the mean speeds are used by Police and Road Safety experts as the critical speed for further action.  In a 20mph zone like the High Street, action would only be warranted if the mean and the 85%ile significantly exceed 25mph.  Above this figure the Police would consider further enforcement and OCC may just consider additional traffic calming measures.

The results of this survey and the one done last November outside The Plough Inn would suggest that the 20mph speed limit in the village is working quite well except for a small proportion of inconsiderate drivers.  Our Community Speedwatch team will continue to monitor the roads and report any vehicles measured with excessive speeds.

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3 Responses to Speed Survey Results

  1. Jeremy Goff says:

    It would be interesting to measure the speed over the humps. I would expect that to less than 20 mph, this could demonstrate vehicles accelerate away from the humps. Thus suggesting the humps being removed may allow vehicles to travel at a more constant speed around the 20 mph.

    • Donna Harrison says:

      You are completely wrong ,if the humps were removed no one would do the speed limit and Wittenham would be a race track again !!!Really don’t get how on earth you can think this way !

  2. Chris Waites says:

    The potholes coming into the village from Clifton Hampden are so bad it’s amazing anyone is reaching 20mph without shedding large parts of their suspension.

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