Village Apple Day – 20th October

A reminder that this coming Sunday is Village Apple Day at the Sylva Wood Centre.  Organised by Wittenham Warriors and hosted by the Sylva Foundation, it offers you the opportunity to have your home grown apples turned into delicious juice.

Bring along boxes or bags of washed, dry apples that are free from bruising and mould to the Wood Centre between 10am and 12noon.  Your apples will be weighed to calculate how many bottles of juice they will provide and you will be issued with a collection ticket.  Approximately 2kg apples equals one 75cl bottle of juice.

The bottled juice will be available for collection between 1pm and 2pm.  Pasteurised juice (it will last longer) is £2 per bottle, and unpasteurised £1.50.

And while you are waiting for your apples to be turned into juice, why not drop in to the House of Wessex Open Day, also at the Wood Centre?

For more information contact Sally Duff on 01865 407788/07899 097612 or at

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