Community Hub Update

Residents will recall that there was a village meeting in April at which it was explained that the developers are getting near to submitting a planning application for the Community Hub and associated works at the current Village Hall and School sites.

Several surveys have been completed and the others are planned for completion in the near future.  However, the initial Archeology Survey has shown that more work is needed before the plans are finalised.  Some excavation work will be needed in the near future and plans are being agreed with Oxfordshire County Council’s Archeology Unit.

This, unfortunately, will slightly delay progress until the survey is completed.  Not getting this right at this stage could cause longer delays later in the process.

Because of this, the village meeting originally planned for June has been postponed until we have a more definite idea of the final layout.  The Parish Council and developer will give residents plenty of notice, including a letter drop, of the next meeting date.

For more information contact Councillor Steve Brown at

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