Community Scheme for Solar Panels

Following discussions between the Parish Council and Didcot Plus, residents of Long Wittenham can now enjoy the benefits of the Solar Streets initiative.

Solar Streets is a company that works with local communities across Southern England to offer the installation of solar panels on private houses.  Because installations are done in batches in one area, the cost is significantly reduced compared to other suppliers.  Solar Streets was established in 2007 and has installed panels in over 1000 sites.

Didcot Plus is an initiative between Didcot Town Council and Sustainable Didcot and was established over a year ago.  To date, around thirty houses in Didcot have taken part in the scheme.  Further information is available at

Due to increased demand the scheme is not currently accepting referrals. However, this is expected to change within the next couple of months.  The Parish Council will be informed as soon as referrals re-open and this information will be passed on immediately.

If you are interested in the scheme, please email the parish clerk at

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