Archaeology Hinders Hub Plans

Historic England (HE) has decided to protect an archaeologically important part of the site proposed for the Community Hub.  The Hub includes plans for a new school, pre-school, village hall and forty homes.

Following an archaeological survey, some of the land specified in the revised Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) has been scheduled by HE, including an area upon which the Parish Council wants to build the Hub.  This process has taken over six months and that is the reason why there has been no news recently.  Special permission is needed to build on scheduled land.

The Parish Council’s task now is to investigate the feasibility of re-designing the plans so that no building takes place on any of the land which has been scheduled.  The council’s chosen developer is Thomas Homes whose architects are working to re-draw the plans.

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5 Responses to Archaeology Hinders Hub Plans

  1. Sue Marsh says:

    Surely this must impact on the next door development by Vanderbilt? Even local planners can add 2+2?

    • Deb tree says:

      Yes with all the finds in the Vanderbilt field surely that must have an impact on their plans as well

    • Liz Yuille says:

      I have written to OCC and Historic England about this, specifically pointing out the proximity of the VdB site and that the area they have not dug is the area that abuts the Scheduled site.

  2. Martin Elliff says:

    Given that the scheduled area abuts that part of the Vanderbilt site that was not dug as part of the recent archaeological work, one would think that at least, they would be obliged to dig the full site to see what lies underneath before they are allowed to build.

  3. Peter Surridge says:

    If Vanderbilt were not required to carry out an archaeological check, why not?
    In the light of the Hub discoveries, if they dd one how can we be sure it was adequate?

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