Didcot Road Works Update

Many residents have expressed concerns about Vanderbilt Homes’ proposals to re-align the Didcot Road to facilitate the entrance to its housing development on the corner of Fieldside and Didcot Road.

The company does not own the land required to create the appropriate safety ‘vision splays’ either side of the entrance and its solution to this problem is the road re-alignment.  This would potentially lead to months of delays.

However, the Parish Council now hopes that talks in the near future between Vanderbilt, County Council Property Department and the farmland owner will resolve the land ownership issues and allow the entrance to be built without the need to re-align the road.

New traffic calming measures and zebra crossing are also proposed along Didcot Road but, following its public consultation, the County Council Highways department has received many complaints.  As a result the department is in talks with engineers to revise the plans.

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2 Responses to Didcot Road Works Update

  1. Sue says:

    Saw last update re not clearing hedges. What about the chunk they have already ripped out.

    • Debra Steele says:

      Yes, it looks awful from my house. We are looking over a mound of mud instead of the hedge, where lots of birds nested in the spring. Thanks Vanderbilt, for nothing.

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