Going, Going, Gone!

In gale force winds and rain, the last remnant of Didcot Power Station, the 654 feet chimney, came crashing to the ground yesterday morning (9th February).

It was the end of an era for the coal-fired power station – victim of the drive toward a green, fossil-free future for energy.

The power station opened in 1970 when coal was the major source of energy.  The smaller gas-fired Didcot B station continues to produce energy for the national grid.

There were concerns that because of Storm Ciara the chimney demolition would have to be postponed but at exactly 7.30am the demolition went ahead.  A very loud bang echoed around the area and windows rattled loudly as the tall chimney hit the ground in a cloud of dust.

Since its opening fifty years ago, the power station has been a landmark for miles around.  When the chimney and six cooling towers came into view travellers knew that they were close to home.

In August last year, the three remaining 325 feet cooling towers were demolished.  The three other towers were knocked down in 2014.  Tragedy struck two years later when four men were killed as they worked on preparing the main boiler house for demolition.

Now the coal-fired power station has gone.  Once the site is cleared of rubble work will start later this year on preparing the land for homes, businesses and leisure facilities.

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