Proposed 30mph & 40mph Speed Limits Consultation

Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) is proposing to introduce new lower speed limits on the approaches to the village.

Specifically, the proposals comprise a short extension to the existing 30mph speed limit on the High Street at the northern end of the village, to then be accompanied by a new 40mph speed limit to run northwards to meet the existing 30mph speed limit at Clifton Hampden.  Additionally, on the Little Wittenham Road leading eastwards out of the village and adjacent to the nature reserve, a new 250 metre 30mph buffer speed limit is also proposed.

The proposals are being put forward as a result of road safety concerns raised by the Parish Council, and in order to support the existing village-wide 20mph speed limit.

The proposals are detailed in the following consultation documents:

Public Notice
Statement of Reasons
Consultation Plan – Road to Clifton Hampden
Consultation Plan – Little Wittenham Road
Draft Traffic Regulation Order

Residents should note that OCC will not consider changes on the Didcot Road approach to the village as this will now be “calmed” by the new roundabout as part of the Community Hub development.

Comments on the proposals can be made on the OCC Let’s Talk website.  Any objections or other representations should be submitted by Friday 26th April 2024.

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20 Responses to Proposed 30mph & 40mph Speed Limits Consultation

  1. Debra Steele says:

    They need to spend the money on filling in the pot holes. Pathetic from Long Wittenham to Clifton.

  2. C Churchill says:

    And do the council have any plans to fix the, now very dangerous and numerous, potholes along these roads before spending money on new and unnecessary signage for speed limits which most people don’t exceed anyway?

  3. Jeremy Goff says:

    I agree with others that resolving potholes should be the priority rather than new speed signage. Also, now there is a 20 mph limit through the village the speed jumps should be removed, the spoil from these could be recycled to fill the potholes.

    • Donna Harrison says:

      Speed humps need to remain otherwise people will speed early mornings no one takes any notice of the speed limit ,it is just a sign !

  4. Ann Tomline says:

    I can only agree with many comments above. Money spent on 20mph limits signs etc would be better spent on filling potholes and as I have asked several times move the drain outside my property down hill so the entrance is not flooded every time we get even a small amount of rain. Who puts a drain up hill!!!

  5. Susan Whidborne says:

    We live on the high street and although traffic is a bit calmer we still see many cars, vans lorries. going through the village well above the speed limit.
    Have people seen pics of Lombard Street in San Francisco? Something similar might work and look pretty too!! Signs don’t really slow the boy racers at one in the morning.

  6. Jane May says:

    On a facetious note, you may say we should retain the potholes as they are so bad they are certainly slowing down the traffic, & having a chicane effect as folk swerve about trying to avoid them. But seriously, why should all this money be spent on yet more unenforced and disregarded speed signs, when the state of the roads presents real safety hazards for all, pedestrians, cyclists & motorists like? Could we please have info as to whom /where we should contact at OCC to formally express our views? Many thanks.

    • Chris Waites says:

      Enforcement is the job of the police. OCC have already expressed frustration at Thames Valley Police’s refusal to enforce 20mph limits whilst rigorously enforcing the M40 and A34. If theyvillages. moved one of their speed camera vans from the M40/A34 into 20mph villages compliance would soon increase because you get a ticket for anything over 23mph and a court case for anything over 34mph.

      There will very likely be a new police and crime commissioner come May so perhaps a good chance for TVP to start prioritising schools and

  7. Donna Harrison says:

    Hi Jane I called the highways number to complain about the state of the road and asked why was the culham bridge being done when they have filled all pot holes a few weeks ago and now closing road again to resurface ,the woman I spoke to took my number and said someone would call me as of yet no one has .The potholes have been reported on fix my street and nothing done !Everyone needs to ask questions to highways OCC and question their incompetence.

    • Jane May says:

      Agreed, Donna, we ourselves are tired of reporting potholes. If we all had one single contact address to which to write at OCC, maybe we might make an impact.

  8. Clare Winterbourne says:

    I think this is a great idea. Just wondered what they are going to do on the the southern end of the village with 60mph going in to a 20mph. I live 100 metres from the main road and they don’t slow down in till they are at the chicane and then go over it at 30+ mph

  9. Liz Nightingale says:

    Bring on the roundabout on the Didcot Road/Saxons Heath junction. It will help visibility for those turning out of Saxons Heath.
    While I too hate the potholes, they do (mostly) mean drivers are scanning for them and paying more attention in the village and nearby.

  10. Alan Brown says:

    Twice in the past couple of days I have been overtaken while observing 20mph limit while leaving the village,so a roundabout at entrance to Saxons Heath would help,providing it is a large raised one and not just white lines painted on the road.
    What happened to the village super user who according to the PC could arrange pot hole repairs ??The road as others have mentioned towards Clifton is in a perilous state, when can we expect repairs to start.

    • Andy Mortimer says:

      Hi Alan, I’m the “FixMyStreet super user” you mention. The potholes in the village are on the list to be fixed. They should be fixed by the end of the month at the latest, and I’m currently following up with the highways team to see whether I can get these fixes accelerated.

      • Jeremy Goff says:

        I reported them months ago, then being asked to provide photographs. Then the status changed from investigating to schedule for action. Have yet to see this action.

      • Donna Harrison says:

        Hi can you keep residents updated on the pot holes and ask OCC what utility works are happening in may and if they are digging road up again as this is not acceptable ,the road between Wittenham Clifton know as the maddy has never been so bad !!culham bridge was done and nowhere near as bad as this road !!!Maybe it’s time to start being more assertive before there is an accident .Whoever is in charge of repairs on roads should be replaced with someone who gets theses issues sorted out !!!

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