Tollgate Road Culham Closure 15th to 20th April

The Parish Council has been advised by the Network Management team at Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) that a temporary road closure of Tollgate Road, Culham will operate from 15th April to 20th April 2024.

This closure is covered by the two Traffic Regulation Notices below (click for detail).   See the notices for timings.

Download copy of the map showing the extent of the closure and the alternative route for traffic.

Further information regarding the works may be obtained by contacting Tim Belton – Milestone Infrastructure, Oxfordshire County Council on 0345 310 1111 quoting referencs T13442/AC and T13447/AC.



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2 Responses to Tollgate Road Culham Closure 15th to 20th April

  1. Donna Harrison says:

    Thought this work had been completed ???what about the road between Wittenham and Clifton the Maddy it’s one big pot hole !!!Needs sorting out !!

  2. Donna Harrison says:

    I contacted OCC on Tuesday morning saying how come they are doing these roads when the pot holes have been filled yet nothing done on Wittenham to Clifton road is one big pot hole and has had reports on fix my street yet still nothing done !!!Was supposed to have someone call me ,as of yet nothing !!!OCC what an absolute bloody disgrace !

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